Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad Diet Habits Bodybuilders Must Avoid At All Cost

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Author: Dane Fletcher

There are some mistakes that an ordinary person can get away with but not a bodybuilder. The lifestyle of a bodybuilder should be a lot different than that of someone who isn’t as physically active as a bodybuilder. By lifestyle I mean their eating habits, what they do to pass time and the habits they’ve picked up along the way. Here are the most severe mistakes that a bodybuilder can commit and may warrant a death sentence to their bodybuilding careers.

1. A Poor Diet This tops the list because by now we all know the importance of having a balanced diet that is rich in both quality and quantity. The mistake many make is neglecting their whole foods and replacing them with supplements. You know you’re committing this sin if you’d rather have a protein bar than a chicken wing or a protein shake than a glass of farm fresh milk. Supplements are meant to do exactly that; supplement. There has to be a good diet made up of healthy whole foods and then the supplements come in.

2. Insufficient Intake Of Water Water is very important to a bodybuilder and as much of it as possible should be taken. It is a medium in which all the body’s chemical reactions take place as well as a reactant in most of them. It is the chief transport agent in the body and it forms most of the blood’s volume. It also controls the body’s internal temperature and removes waste products from the body via sweat, urine and other excretions. Accumulation of toxic substances will not only hinder your body from achieving the goals you’ve set for it but also will damage your body.

3. Alcohol This is like the greatest habitual sin that you can commit. While it is true that a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon is the greatest gift given to humanity, it is actually the reverse when it comes to bodybuilders. It lowers the testosterone levels in your body meaning that less fat will be burnt. Also, alcohol is packed with empty calories that will just ensure that what you eat gets stored around your tummy and waist line. Now you know the reason for beer bellies! Try a cold glass of low fat milk, a protein shake or even better, water.

4. Smoking I don’t think it can get any worse than this when it comes to knowingly destroying your own body. Let’s just start with the fact that it greatly damages your lungs which are used for breathing just incase you didn’t know that! Working out is as basic to every bodybuilder as the sun is in the solar system. It requires a lot of oxygen. Smoking reduces your lung capacity and you end up panting and gasping for air after just a set of cardio. If you can’t do a 20 minute straight cardio, then you need to quit it now. It also escalates you chances of getting heart disease, cancer and other health complications.

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